3rd April 2014
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10K Pinterest Followers

I’m celebrating because we surpass our goal of 7,000 followers by the end of March!! Back in January this year, I had 1,000 followers – not too shabby for what little to no effort I put into it. With the goal of building my brand and blog up this year, I decided to invest some time and effort into my Pinterest account. I was even more so determined, after I attending an awesome Pinterest seminar at Alt Summit  – a creative blogger conference in Salt Lake City. When I got home, first thing I did was research everything Pinterest. I even created a flipboard magazine dedicated to Pinterest. You can check it out here.

HOW DID I DO IT??? I won’t lie to you. Just like many other things in life. Building a following takes time and effort. There’s no sure-fire formula. But here is what worked for me…

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  1. Organize Your Pinterest Boards – taming the chaos
  2. Cleaning House – get rid of old pins and boards
  3. Pin Your Heart Out – building up your boards
  4. Pin To Your Strengths – knowing what to pin
  5. Stand Out From the Crowd – don’t just repin other people’s stuff
  6. Who To Follow – perfecting your personal feed
  7. My Secret Weapon – you’ll find out soon enough… If you can guess it, I will tell you if you’re right.
  8. Growing Organically – what I’ve learned about gaining followers

My following grew slowly. Month 1 I was happy to gain 10 followers a day. By month 2, I was aiming for 20-50 followers a day. I set a goal of 100 followers a day for the month of March (which honestly, I thought was a pipe dream). Not only did I meet that goal, towards the end of March, I was gaining followers in droves. With a high of 596 new followers in one day! Crazy right? What is cause of this crazy surge of followers? My guess is that I made it on to someone’s radar who is REALLY popular  – list of what pinterest boards to follow. I saw the most new followers to my – HOME : Dang I Love IKEA and my HOME : Stepping Up boards. Thanks to whoever you are out there in internet land!

UPDATE: I think I may have found the reason for the surge of new followers on my pin boards!! According to the Pinterest Help Center – a couple of my boards may have made it into their sign up process. Read more about it here. So I was sort of right about I made onto some list of boards to follow. It just happens to be Pinterest’s suggested list!!

I hope that you will find my upcoming series on Pinterest helpful, follow along as I break down each step in detail. Please let me know if you have questions. I love questions! And of course, follow me on Pinterest.

2 Responses to “1,000 to 10,001 Pinterest followers in 3 months!”

  1. April 04, 2014 at 11:48 am, Sara Moore said:

    Congrats, lady! So so excited for you!


  2. April 07, 2015 at 1:53 pm, Kelly said:

    Hi Amy, wow, this is so impressive! I’ll definitely be following your Pinterest series. This is something I’d really like to dedicate some time to this year. I’ve just started reading up on it. (I’m a new Mintie! :)

    I just noticed this link isn’t working…”a couple of my boards may have made it into their sign up process. Read more about it {here}”


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